Paintings Inspired by Music and Poems

Music and poetry bring strong visual images to my mind. These are tantalizingly elusive to catch on canvas: sometimes the idea will lodge in the back of my mind for years, humming away in the background until I find a way to express it.
“The Lost Heifer” (inspired by a poem by Austen Clarke) came together very fast and joyfully. Mozart’s sublime piano concerto number 23, 2nd movement, was in my head for years; one day the picture came out. Hearing a nightingale sing near the bridge at Sonning was another inspiration.

600The Lost Heifer

The Lost Heifer, acrylic on canvas 48″ x 48″


Nightingale at Sonning 80 cm x 80 cm, SOLD


Millpond at Dawn 48 ” x 48″ (sold)

Mozart, Piano Concerto No.23, 2nd Movement

Mozart, Piano Concerto No.23, andante SOLD

My response to Penny Ouvry's poem, 'Room Service'

My response to Penny Ouvry’s poem, ‘Room Service”