Dawn Chorus, Birds and Wildlife

I LOVE the birds in my garden. Such a joy to watch the starlings taking a bath and squabbling, the baby sparrows following their (exhausted) parents around, the bluetits doing acrobatics on the feeders. Watching them all and listening to their sounds and songs is an endless source of delight.

Goldcrests Singing, sold

Hedge-sparrows in Song
12″ x 12″ SOLD

Going, going, gone…

Dawn Chorus, sold

Dawn Chorus 2, sold

Spring Blossom, acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 60cm

Warm Summer Evening (Sounds of Bedtime) mixed media, approx 90cm x 90cm

Blackbird, sold

Coal Tit, sold

Woodland Birds, sold

Wren, sold

Robin, sold

Songthrush, sold


Starling, SOLD

Although not by nature an ‘early-bird’ myself, the multidimensional cacophony of the dawn chorus is worth getting up for. We have a fabulous wildlife-rich garden so birdsong and nature are persistent influences on my work.

Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus 2
Dawn Chorus, SOLD

Warm Summer Evening (Sounds of Bedtime)
Spring Blossom

Coal Tit












Starling, SOLD

Woodland Birds

Woodland Birds, SOLD


Wren, SOLD


Robin, SOLD


Nuthatch, SOLD


Songthrush, SOLD