Waterlilies, private commission for a home in Hawaii. 6′ x 3′

‘Waterlilies’ finished this July – I am very excited about this painting. It’s going to the same house in Hawaii for which I painted two paintings back in 2011 (see below) .This new one is about to get shipped out – but I have to pack it first – never a pleasurable activity!

I am finishing a pair of paintings for my clients’ bolt-hole in the South of France. The images are below this text: one is of Borough Market – that one is finished – the other is of Oxford. The difficulty here was that the paintings are to hang side by side, close together… I have enjoyed the creative challenge of making that idea work. The clue is in the double yellow lines…

And I recently finished this triptych for a client’s kitchen: it was a slightly tricky brief: she likes representational, his taste tends more towards the abstract… it looks absolutely wonderful in situ!



The waterlily duo below was for a luxury home in Hawaii that the builder/developer was selling with artwork included. It was the first time I painted anything that big (4′ x 4′ and 4′ x 72″) – so much fun to do, though sending them over proved stressful. But it all worked out in the end and I was really pleased recently to receive an email out of the blue from the person who bought the home – he had looked me up online and got in touch to say how much he and his wife enjoy the paintings. This communication made me very happy.

The Hervines Woods series was for a family home in Amersham.

The Hong Kong Harbour painting is large, on six panels. It hangs in the offices of a London hedge-fund company, next door to the Bank of England! I get a kick out of thinking about my painting up there on the wall when I pass by 😀

Lotus flower2

Lotus Flower1
Hervines Wood Four Seasons 4Hervines Wood Four Seasons 1Hervines Wood Four Seasons 2

Hervines Wood Four Seasons 3
Hong Kong (Freight Yards)1024