About Me


Although I remember painting fairly obsessively as a young child, high-school art classes were totally awful (ah, those wonderful 1970’s!) so any enthusiasm evaporated. And yet, in spare time I was often drawing, painting and above all, constantly looking and thinking to myself ‘how would you catch that in paint?’

It was arriving during a recession in New York due to my husband’s job move, seeking work and finding none that gave me time and permission to start painting. I had so much encouragement from random strangers and acquaintances in those years: Jenny Martin, Axel and Regina Brakhage, Jackie Zemlenyi, Howard and Nancy De Mere among others. I don’t think I ever thanked you so if you read this I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ now; I really do think your belief in my early paintings gave me the courage to say “this is what I want to do” and to pursue it.

I have two great kids (now wonderful, thoughtful young men). I spent a lot of time and energy and love raising them. I would not swap the time we had together for anything but in truth it was psychologically hard not to paint for years while they were young. There was just no time and no ‘head-space’ to be creative.

Before getting back to my true calling I had a few ‘real’ jobs, which I don’t suppose I was ever really good at. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been able in increments to get back to my easel. The artwork keeps evolving, sometimes at a pace I feel is too fast – though that is not something I can control in the least.
Ideas keep coming – I am grateful for this but always vaguely fearful they will dry up. So far, so good : )

Thanks for visiting!

Sue Graham, October 2016