About Me

I can barely remember a time when I didn’t paint, or wasn’t thinking about painting. I have had various other ‘real’ jobs, though my heart was never in them and therefore I don’t suppose I was truly good at them! 

Ideas keep on coming. There is so much of interest out there in the world – a endless variety of inspiration.

My working style is quite chaotic, usually launching straight into a painting with an idea in my head and seeing where that takes me. There then follows a period of ‘retrenchment’; lots of adjusting and assessing. Some paintings come fast and some emerge through a more lengthy and convoluted process.

Over the years I have received so much encouragement from friends and, touchingly, from random strangers too. It means a lot to me, so thank you to all. Somebody once asked me to reflect on why it is that I paint: the question has sat with me for years but I think the answer is this: to communicate feelings and ideas and to be accepted for who I am.

Thanks for visiting!

Sue Graham, September 2018