Recent Paintings and Work in Progress

Our ‘Last Show’ at Commercial Square was incredibly well-attended. What was amazing was the number of people who had not yet discovered Wycombe’s best-kept creative secret – our site. It was good to see a few paintings and prints off to start new lives away from the studio. Thank you to everyone who visited, shared their perceptions and bought work – the feedback keeps us all going.

Landmark Autumn Art Fair in Teddington was great fun! Loads of thoughtful, creativity-inspiring feedback and I parted company with a couple of paintings to excellent homes. Now I am back in the studio, painting in oils as well as acrylics and eager to get on with some more mixed media experiments.

Argyll Coast
mixed media
70cm x 70cm

Lake District, near Penrith
acrylic on canvas
70cm x 50cm


Argyll Autumn
Acrylic on canvas
40″ x 30″
£1200 SOLD

Frosted Apples in a Landscape
mixed media/acrylic

Winter Light Through a Window
Acrylic on canvas
90 cm x 90 cm £950 unframed, £1050 framed


Wey Lane Allotments, September
Oil on canvas
70 cm x 50 cm
£675 framed
£600 unframed

Chesham Wey Lane Allotments, Early Spring
oil on canvas, 70cm x 50cm £600

Late Summer Meadow
Acrylic/Mixed media

View from Above Widecombe, Dartmoor
Oil on board

After You Left
oil on canvas
work in progress, price tbc


Acrylic on canvas
75 x 75 £500

The Shipping Forecast
Mixed media on board
75cm x 75cm £500

Early Morning Henley, Mist and Swifts
40″ x 30″ £1200


Ed’s Diner, Soho
Oil on canvas
approx 9″ x 6″

Rainy Night in Thame, oil on canvas, dimensions tbc but approx 50 x 40 cm
£580 SOLD

Acrylic on canvas

Teign Valley (Dartmoor)
Oil on canvas



Exe Valley from East Hill (near Sidmouth)
oil on canvas
100cm x 40 cm
£580 SOLD

Dawn, Thameside
Acrylic/mixed media on canvas
150cm x 75cm

More Than This
oil on canvas
67cm x 67cm £620

My Country: A Work in Progress
Mixed media, 67cmx67cm

Something About 2016
mixed media
70 cm x 50 cm SOLD


View From the Train into London
Acrylic on canvas £370

Naphill Common
Acrylic on 3 canvases £500

The Ridgeway, nr Gadsden
Acrylic on canvas

Winter Light Angling Spring Wood
Acrylic on canvas

Sunset, Craobh Haven, Argyll
Acrylic on canvas
£1000 dimensions approx 80 cm x 60 cm

Storm Coming in, Argyll SOLD
70cm x 50 cm
acrylic £600

City Workers
mixed media
60 x30 cm

Glasgow, Tradeston
oil and mixed media
90cm x 70cm £1100

Triptych, untitled SOLD
Acrylic on three panels

Vagaries of Desire, acrylic on canvas £1,000 SOLD


Mist and Sunrise
Acrylic/mixed media on canvas
70cm x 50cm £500


Sao Paulo 30 cm x 30 cm mixed media

Sao Paulo 30 cm x 30 cm £200
mixed media

The Allotments in Winter, mixed media 67 cm x 67 cm £750




Double Yellow Lines & Desirable Private Roof Terrace, each 60cmx60 cm

Double Yellow Lines & Desirable Private Roof Terrace, each 60cmx60 cm

working title Desirable Roof Terrace (work in progress) 70 cm x 70cm

Desirable Private Roof Terrace 60 cm x 60cm £600

Double Yellow Lines 60 cm x 60 cm mixed media on canvas

Double Yellow Lines
60 cm x 60 cm, mixed media on canvas £600


View From The Train 2 80cm x 30cm

View From The Train 2, sold
80cm x 30cm

Moonlight at Crinan 30" x 42"

Moonlight at Crinan SOLD
30″ x 42″


Farmland, Frosty Morning 60 x 50cm

Farmland, Frosty Morning 50 x 40cm £220 SOLD

Chickens in a Landscape 60 x 50cm

Chickens in a Landscape  50 x 40cm £220

Glastonbury Tor 60 x 50cm

Glastonbury Tor 50 x 40cm £220 SOLD

Woods in Snow With Fox 30" x 30"

Woods in Snow With Fox 30″ x 30″ £1000, framed £1150

Borough Market, Winter Afternoon 24" x18"

Borough Market, Winter Afternoon 24″ x18″ £550

While You Were Sleeping 80 cm x 60 cm

While You Were Sleeping 80 cm x 60 cm £650


Homecoming, £1,200, acrylic on canvas 30″x24″

The Magic Pond, acrylic on canvas 100cm x 100cm, acrylic on canvas £1400

Sao Paulo (Vale of Evil Spirits) 36" x 24"

Sao Paulo (Vale of Evil Spirits) 36″ x 24″, framed £1150, unframed £1000

Sao Paulo 2 36" x 24"

Sao Paulo 2 36″ x 24″  framed £1150, unframed £1000